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I absolutely love everything about Black Sugar! Everything is so delicious and tasty. I recommend one million stars.

-Shonice Jeanay

I’m from Mississippi and my first time trying them was this weekend at my niece’s dance recital. Oh my God! They were absolutely delicious. I had a friend to get me some to take home. Well they didn’t make it across the River. They were sooooo good. I could not stop at one. Will definitely be placing an order! Many blessings to you!

-Gloria Thompson

These cookies literally "melt in your mouth" delicious. I kept hearing about these cookies and I went into a place of business and there they were, so I had to try them, I left and had to return to get more, I'm sold.👀

-Jeb Mesoclassic White

Man these are the most addictive cookies ever😋

-Daphne Armstrong Richard

The cookies are absolutely delicious!! You literally can’t eat just one!!

-Elisha Wilson-Thomas

Lawd!! Ok, this is sinful how good these are. I had the lemon and almond!! Addictive!!

-Justina Johnson

Just tried your tea cakes today! BEST MELT IN YOUR MOUTH COOKIE EVER! Bought 4 bags!

-Tonia Perry

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