Experience Gourmet Almond Flavor


With their wholesome appeal and delightful sweetness, our Almond Tea Cakes are sure to satisfy. Each bite sends tastebuds soaring with the classic flavor of natural almond.


Our caring and compassionate family at The Black Sugar Bakery crafts each cookie with love, directly from our very own kitchen. Here’s our process:


Savory Roasted Ingredients


We start by hand-selecting only the highest quality almonds. We’re firm believers that the best cookies use only the best ingredients.


By carefully measuring the ideal portions of gourmet almonds, creamy butter, rich vanilla, and more, we craft the perfect batter.


As we bake our classic Almond Tea Cakes, a sweet natural aroma fills the kitchen.


Wholesome Nutty Taste


Each Almond Tea Cake is crafted with the right amount of crumbly goodness and sugary delight.


Enjoy the delicate texture, savory scent, and heavenly flavor that’s blended into every bite.


Reminiscent of Grandma’s Baking


With real ingredients and an irresistible hint of vanilla, our Almond Tea Cakes are a testament to the 15 years of quality baking we’ve done in our Black Sugar family.


These cookies are a true classic, just like Grandma always made. Delve into our lovely, craft-baked cookies for an authentic almond tas