Comforting Banana Cookies Made Fresh


A time-tested favorite, our Banana Tea Cakes are a flavorful addition to family gatherings and celebrations alike.


Our Black Sugar family has proudly perfected this classic cookie. Here’s what goes into our coveted Banana Tea Cakes.


Perfectly Ripened Bananas


When it comes to bananas, timing is everything. We patiently wait for each banana to reach the optimal ripeness for a hearty blend of flavor and freshness.


These amazingly crispy treats are made perfect through our careful baking process.


Using our special recipe, we monitor each batch of cookies to guarantee a crispy outside while preserving the full flavor of real banana.


An Irresistible and Share-Worthy Flavor


Bananas embody a familiar flavor that is the epitome of friendship, good vibes, and pure bliss. The rich flavor and delightful sweetness that comes with each cookie makes for an irresistible treat.


Go ahead, share the light-hearted flavor of scrumptious banana with your loved ones.


A Simply Delicious Treat


At The Black Sugar Bakery, we’re amazed at how such a simple treat has the ability to help us live in the present, even if just for a moment. We bake each Banana Tea Cake from scratch for honest and pure delight.


Banana Tea Cakes Are Waiting For You