Island-Infused Pure Coconut Flavor


Island life is closer than you think. At Black Sugar, we artfully crafted our Coconut Tea Cakes with island-feels in mind.


By baking the perfect balance of shredded coconut with sugary sweetness, we’ve redefined what’s possible with rich coconut flavors. Here’s how:


Perfectly Toasted Fresh Coconut


Coconut selection requires careful consideration and island wisdom. We tap each hand-picked coconut, sensing for the hollow sound that indicates perfect freshness.


Once we’ve chosen the best, freshly harvested coconuts, we create a delightful blend of tropical flavor in our batter.


Our shaping process is a subtle reminder of traditional Hawaiian flowers, a perfect complement to the bursting mouthwatering pleasure in every bite.


The Sweet Aroma of Coconut Bliss


Before taking your first bite, your senses will be eagerly waiting for what’s to come.


The sweet aroma of smooth, seaside co