Delicious Citrusy Crunch In Every Bite


Whether you’re looking for the perfect summer snack or a great treat for the holidays, our Lemon Tea Cakes offer a delightful lemon zest that will leave your taste buds wanting more!


Each cookie is hand made by our friends at Black Sugar. Here’s how we do it:


When Life Gave Us Lemons


We carefully craft each cookie to provide the perfect balance of lemony flavor and sugary goodness.


We use sustainably sourced, real lemon juice in every cookie. In doing so, we ensure a fresh batch every time from our family owned and operated kitchen.


Next, we go to work, shaping and baking each Lemon Tea Cake into cute, bite sized snacks.


Mouthwatering Flavor

Each Lemon Tea C ake features the perfect texture for an irresistible crunch. The subtle lemony aroma provides a hint of what’s to come.


By taking a bite, you unravel a world of tasteful delight that’s bursting with citrusy goodness.


A Classic Summer Treat


For 15 years, our Black Sugar family has taken pride in making delicious, nostalgic Lemon Tea Cakes. Our patrons love the buttery lemon taste packed into each pack of 12. They are a simple yet delicious treat that brings back memories of childhood summers and family gatherings alike.


Get Your Lemon Tea Cakes Today!


If you’re looking for mouthwatering citrus flavor, our Black Sugar Lemon Tea Cakes are sure to satisfy. Order your 12 pack today for a scrumptious snack sent right to your door.