Delve Into Sweet Homemade Maple


Reminiscent of a cozy log cabin in Autumn, our Maple Tea Cakes are a classic treat that’s perfect for holidays, winter gatherings, or just snuggling by the fireplace.


At The Black Sugar Bakery, we believe that there’s no substitute for homemade goodness. Here’s how we make our Maple Tea Cakes:


From The North Woods


We start by carefully drizzling pure and sweet maple into our signature Maple Tea Cake batter.


By using naturally sourced authentic maple in each cookie, we encapsulate the essence of the North Country into every bite.


Once we’ve blended the perfect portion of natural sweetness, we begin crafting each cookie into our iconic flower petal shape.


A Wholesome Delicacy


Our Maple Tea Cakes are based on a family recipe that’s built on authenticity, quality, and flavor. When colder weather begins settling in, these cookies are wonderful reminders of the joys of winter.


With a crunch that’s as delicate as it is satisfying, you’ll truly fall in love with every bite.


A Heartwarming Autumn Snack


Our Black Sugar family has proudly crafted these Maple Tea Cakes for over 15 years. The