We Started With The Original Southern Tea Cakes


Over 15 years ago, our family at The Black Sugar Bakery started with a simple goal: to craft the perfect tea cake.


As a result, we created a scrumptious blend of classic crunch with buttery vanilla goodness.


Classic Sweetness and Flavor


We pride ourselves on quality ingredients, love, and attention to detail in every tea cake. As the foundation for our entire line of cookies, this classic tea cake has won the hearts and minds of cookie lovers everywhere.


With their crumbly essence and delightful appeal, the Original Southern Tea Cakes are the celebrated fan favorites.


Bring them to your next book club meeting, family gathering, bridal or baby shower, or holiday party. They are a welcomed addition to any occasion.


Enjoy Our Buttery Vanilla Taste


When done right, classic tea cakes feature mouthwatering sweetness that’s irresistibly delicious.


After one or two, there’s no going back. You’ll be delighted with what you discover!


A Homemade Favorite


Our Black Sugar family is filled with kind-hearted bakers who enjoy the simple pleasures that life has to offer. Our Original Southern Tea Cakes are among these pleasures. We put our hearts into every batch, giving you nothing but the best!


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